Curly Hair


If a client is unsure about what they would like and are unsure if they want to commit to actually cutting they're hair.

I offer a consultation, at no charge.


Of course a very thorough consultation happens at the beginning of every Style and Color service. 

Haircut & Style

First time Curly hair clients will receive and hour and a half service.

Most of the time is used communicating with you. To determine where you have been, what your experience is with your hair and with other stylists. What products that you use and have used. I request that you take pictures of all products that you use.

I will review those products with you .

Many times offering other alternatives. Sometimes encouraging to use the products that you have.

   Working with you on proper Shampoo technique, Conditioning technique and Product application!


I promise that you will be able to achieve the same look at home. If you like what I do in styling your hair. And you are not able to achieve that look and feel at home. 

    I request that you call and schedule an appointment . 

At No Charge.

I will shampoo and condition your hair. Or just give you a conditioning wash.

     Then I will put all products in your hands and guide you through the process.

      Usually there is some small action that is not being replicated at home and easily remedied. 

Styling Methods

There are different styling methods based on the length and texture of your hair. This is covered in the initial Haircut and Style.

Smoothing treatments

I use the Brazilian Blow out products for smoothing. Having tried a number of other products. I have found that the BBO gives that best and most consistent results.

Most BBOs are priced at beginning $200

  This includes a Hair cut - Trim


I will coach the client in proper Shampoo-Conditioning-Product Application method.

Sometimes just verbal.....sometimes hands on putting the product in the client's hands. How to use the Diffuser. 

   And thoroughly explain the physics of why your hair dries curly at the ends and  more wavy or straight at the scalp to midshaft.