Hair Tips & Questions

If I wanted to be a little wild with my hair color what could I do?

         There are many options. The best   thing to do is to call and set an appointment for a consultation. There is no   charge and by seeing you in person we will assess your skin tone and eye   color to determine what color and coloring technique would be best to address   your specific desires.       

Could it be done on a temporary basis?

 There are many temporary colors and depending on the stylist. I use  Goldwell Color. Arguably one of the highest quality colors on the market .

Exactly how long does a hair color last?

 If we use a permanent color it may last from several weeks to several months depending on the porosity of the hair.

        If we use a permanent color it may   last from several weeks to several months depending on the porosity of the   hair. Though through that time it will gradually fade. The other issue would   be that there would be a re-growth. That is because the hair is growing and   as the new hair comes out it will not have any of the artificial color be it   lighter or darker. A retouch is recommended every four weeks or so. A   semi permanent color only lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. If we have removed the   color as with highlights it too will gradually fade and lighten through   the growing cycle. Highlights need to be retouched every 8 to 12 weeks   depending on the technique used and how much contrast was achieved. There is   no way to achieve a temporary highlight.         

How does hair color work?

      Permanent color works by opening   up the cuticle and going through a lift and deposit process. It is a chemical   process and if the correct product is used, the amount of damage that occurs   in usually minimal. That is why it's important to go to a highly trained   professional. The humorous saying comes to mind here is: DON'T TRY THIS   AT HOME!       

How often should hair be cut to keep it in the best condition?

 I would say 4 to 8 weeks depending on the situation 

What are split ends? How can I prevent them?

 Hair is somewhat like rope and split ends are like that rope becoming unraveled. By using quality products, being gentle with your hair and having it trimmed regularly.  

More Questions

What causes dandruff and what can be done about it?

 Dandruff is usually caused by an over production of skin and not getting it sloughed off fast enough. So a build up    

 of skin occurs. Dandruff is dried up, tiny bits of scalp skin. Generally a scalp brush will help with this challenge if this is not enough then a product containing zinc pirothione should be used If this does not handle the situation consult with a doctor.  

How often should people wash their hair?

      I recommend once a day depending   upon the conditions. Often , a thorough rinse is   enough. If you have dry scalp, it could be   every two to three days.        

How does humidity affect the hair?

      On curly hair it can make it more   curly or frizzy. On straight hair in may cause it to go flat   especially if there is a no fixative involved.       

What causes hair to thin or bald?

      Thinning or male pattern baldness   is a result of genetics. Science has recently discovered that an abundance of   the male hormone testosterone will cause the advent of male pattern   baldness. Is there any thing that can be done to prevent or at least slow it   down? There are two products on the market that have been shown to help slow   down or arrest the condition. One is Monoxidill the other is Propecia.   Both require you to consult a physician for a prescription. Do products like Monoxidill   and Propecia really work? They have been shown to work with some people,   however discontinued use will result in the condition to revert to   its previous state. How about hair transplants? They do   work however they are expensive.  It is also a surgical procedure.    We recommended that if you were to use this method, that you find an   extremely proficient doctor to perform the procedure.       

What affect does dyeing or straightening have on ones hair?

      As far as a negative effect, I can   say this. In going through the process of either one of these chemical   services, the cuticle is raised and it never settles down completely. That is   why we use only the highest quality Color, Perms and Smoothers.    Also  a quality conditioner should always be used regularly after any   chemical service.       

Does your hair change with age?

      Our whole body changes as we grow.   Some of the most noticeable changes that one might notice is: As we grow   older our hair tends to thin. The texture tends to get more course as the   structure of Grey Hair (or what Mark calls Mature Blonde!) is different. Sometimes   Curly hair may lose some of it's curl. And sometimes hair may gain some curl.   Getting old is tough. But we work with our clients to maintain a healthy   relationship with their hair.