Men's Hair

Hair Cutting

Attention to Detail &Consistency.

Taking into account the client's profession and lifestyle.

 Observing the root direction and texture to achieve a sharp, consistent result.

Men's Color

One of the special services that I offer to men is a Hair Painting technique.

Where I Laser Tag Grey hair . To turn back the Clock a Year of Two.

Part of the benefits of this technique is that : It has an almost undetectable regrowth.

So there is  no hard line of demarcation, as with a full color retouch.


Coming soon!

Late Hours 3 days a week.

I am available 3 to 9 Wed. thru Fri.

Often working later.

To accommodate clients that do not want to blow a Sat. on getting a Haircut.

   And want to be with family in the earlier evening hours.